Anja Karnein, Ph.D.
Anja Karnein, Ph.D.


Her first book, A Theory of Unborn Life: From Abortion to Genetic Manipulation, appeared with Oxford University Press (2012) and, for the German translation, with Suhrkamp Verlag (2013).


Currently, she is working on her second book on intergenerational justice and climate change. Unlike her first book, it focuses not on our relationship to the future persons we create, our immediate offspring, but on those who are likely to live in the more distant future. Karnein shows how a responsible climate policy has to simultaneously look at both the intra- and the intergenerational variables to determine a just distribution of the costs and benefits of climate change.


Her further areas of specialization include: contemporary political theory and philosophy, history of political thought (early modern and 19th/20th century), theories of (intergenerational) justice, freedom, and democracy as well as bioethics.

Anja Karnein, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy

Binghamton University (SUNY)

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