Anja Karnein, Ph.D.
Anja Karnein, Ph.D.



A Theory of Unborn Life. From Abortion to Genetic Manipulation, New York: Oxford University Press 2012.

German translation:

Zukünftige Personen. Eine Theorie des ungeborenen Lebens von der künstlichen Befruchtung bis zur genetischen Manipulation, Berlin: Suhrkamp 2013.



“Rawls and the Future: On the Possibility of Cooperation Across Time,” Philosophy & Public Affairs 50, 3 (2022): 271-300


“What’s Wrong with the Presentist Bias? On the Threat of Intergenerational Domination,” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (published online March 2022)

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Review Essays


"Leaving the Ivory Tower? Climate Justice Between Theory and Practice,” [review essay of Dale Jamieson: Reason in a Dark Time, Darrel Moellendorf: The Moral Challenge of Dangerous Climate Change, and Henry Shue: Climate Justice], Political Theory (forthcoming, available online first)


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Review Essay of Michael Sandel: A Case Against Perfection and Jürgen Habermas: The Future of Human Nature. On the Way to a Liberal Eugenics? Constellations (2009) 16:1, 206-209

“Warum dürfen wir unsere Kinder nicht Klonen? Habermas und seine Kritiker in der bioethischen Debatte,“ Forschung Frankfurt 2 (2009), 68-71



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